Cluster D

Human-centered design of digital technologies and media

To support mental health, cluster D focuses on humane design of technologies and media. Primarily, the question of how digital applications can be designed to cause less stress while still fulfilling their intended purpose will be investigated. Also, there will be an emphasis on methods of deep learning to create an app supporting the mental health of individuals.

Project 09:

Attentive Stress-Sensitive and Health-Promoting AI Components

The project aims to enhance the competence and autonomy of users making use of AI technologies for healthcare and well-being, so that it is easier for them to cope with digital stress.

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Project 10:

Human-centered design process to improve the impact of digital technologies on mental health

Digital technologies often focus productivity, cost efficiency, or customer retention. The influence of these technologies on health is often neglected. In this project, we are exploring a human-centered development process that explicitly accounts for effects on the user and their well-being.

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Project 11:

Optimising apps to promote mental health

The aim of this project is to explore ways in which apps can be designed to promote mental health in such a way that their use is as interesting and motivating as possible and thus clinically relevant effects can be achieved in a targeted manner.

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