Cluster C

Methods and tools for coping with digital stress

In this cluster, an interdisciplinary view examines the emotional-cognitive, social, and technological causes of stress. Furthermore, the coping of stress concerning children, adolescents, and adults at work and in their private lives is reviewed. The main question is, who is exposed to digital stress and how can they cope with it? The solutions we aim for include training programs for media literacy, interventions against the spreading of stress, and intelligent software assistants.

Project 06:

Media Literacy

Digital technologies and media are omnipresent in our and our children’s everyday lives and cause not only joy, but also stress. This project examines both factors that increase children’s and adolescents’ vulnerability to digital stress and protective factors that help regulate stress.

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Project 07:

Is digital stress contagious?

Is digital stress contagious? What can you do about it? This project investigates transmission routes, who is particularly at risk, and possible interventions against digital stress infection.

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Project 08:

Digitally supported stress-coping

Although digital technologies and media can lead to increased stress, they can also help people cope with stress. Therefore, this project focuses on the development of an assistance system that recognizes stress and supports the prevention and targeted reduction of stress.

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