Cluster B

Health-related modes of action of digital stress

Among positive effects on human life and work, the risks on health are in focus of cluster B. That stress can cause biological mechanisms and bodily functions to have negative impacts on your health is well researched. However, whether these mechanisms are also in effect, when it comes to digital stress, is far less researched. This is why it is the central issue in cluster B.

Project 04:

Psychological and biological stress response patterns to digital stress

In this project, bio-psychological stress responses will be measured to investigate the effects of digital stress on health and disease. The focus will be on the assessment of stress hormones and inflammatory processes.

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Project 05:

Biomedical consequences of job stressors associated with digital technologies and media

Nowadays, employees using digital technologies and media in the workplace is the rule rather than the exception. This project aims at examining how digitalization may be associated with stress and health-related consequences for the workforce.

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