Cluster A

Analysing the use of digital technologies and media

Digitization is an extensive societal phenomenon, increasingly spreading itself into professional and private lives. This can cause stress. What is digital stress, and how is it perceived by different people? How does that change in different situations? Cluster A will conceptualize digital stress and find answers from the perspective of affected people, the media, and science.

Project 01:

Digital Stress Coping in the Workplace

Digital technology and media are essential parts of the modern workplace; however, their usage may lead to stress. The analysis of different strategies that contribute to the coping with such digital stress as well as the positive sides of digital stress are part of this project.

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Project 02:

Qualitative analysis of stress-related media practices in leisure-related everyday media life

The use of digital technologies and media may trigger feelings of stress, as is exemplified by everyday experiences of millions of users. The project "Digital Stress in Media Life" investigates the forms of digital stress, how users deal with them, and the role of contextual factors by employing a qualitative multiple-level analysis.

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Project 03:

Digital Stress in the Media

What can ordinary citizens actually know about digital stress? Which information about digital stress is provided by the mass media and how do those affected by digital stress discuss it in social media? The aim of the project is to provide answers to these questions.

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